From the founder of Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries and Grief to Grace, we are pleased to introduce the Living Scripture Institute (LSI) to offer training and organizational support for Dr. Theresa Burke’s treatment models for healing from abortion, sexual abuse, war trauma, and genocide.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to help survivors of traumatic experiences throughout the world open their histories to the mercy of God; to discover the infinite love God has for them in the face of their brokenness; to open the doors for grieving as a means to reintegrate the shattered pieces of their lives into wholeness & holiness; to help survivors find meaning & transformation in their pain; to empower them to use their own suffering as a gift to build the kingdom of God in their hearts, homes &communities.

Our Mission:

  • To develop teams to facilitate our healing models as we increase our coalition of retreat providers led by mental health professionals & clergy responsible for the pastoral care of souls.
  • To create & disseminate new retreat programs which utilize sensory-based “Living Scripture” meditations for a fully integrated spiritual & psychological treatment for trauma.
  • To provide accessible training, education, & public awareness to decrease the shame, isolation & stigma that accompany symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder related to abortion, abuse, war trauma, & other distressing life events.
  • To sustain & grow Dr. TheresaBurke’s work for future generations.

We deliver a fully integrated spiritual and psychological process for the healing of men and women suffering the impact of traumatic experiences in safe, confidential and spiritual retreat programs.

Our Goals

  • Provide media events to educate the public about the effects of trauma
  • Develop formal education curricula for 3 levels of LSI Certification 
  • Develop International leadership Conferences for education and combating compassion fatigue
  • Develop new retreat sites
  • Develop regional directors
  • Research in the field of mental health – studies that provide empirical data for evidence of program effectiveness; and publish studies in journals, magazines
  • Establish Advancement and Development capacity