Rachel’s Vineyard 2022 International Leadership Conference

There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness
we may encounter.”
St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Our 2022 Virtual Leadership Conference, “Leading with Light,” has received great reviews! Thank you to everyone who has already signed up, and welcome to those of you who are new.

Our Conference comprises four days of courses beginning in November 2022 and ending in June 2023. All classes will remain on our website, so it’s not too late to join! When you register, you’ll have access to all the course videos – even prior sessions – and you can watch them as often as you like.. 

You can register and pay online securely (see the form below). Or, if you would rather pay by check, fill out our Registration form and mail it to us, with a check made payable to “Living Scripture Institute” (and “Leadership Conference 2022” written in the memo line) at: Living Scripture Institute, 743 Roy Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406. As soon as we receive your payment, we will email your subscription information.

Of course, you can always call us at 610-354-0555 and register over the phone.

We will email your subscription information to the email you provide on the Registration Form. Your subscription will enable you to watch all the course videos. We’ll also post updated information to this webpage and will email it to you, as well.

Dates: Four Sessions from November 2022 through June 2023 (our next session will begin February 6):

Time: Our video courses will be on our dedicated webpage, to which you’ll receive a Subscription Login after registration and payment.

Cost: $250 per person, which allows access to all courses and Q&A sessions.

Cancellation Policy:  The cost of the Conference will be refunded to you, less the non-refundable $25 application fee (for a total of $225 refunded).

Courses for the first two sessions include:

  • Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries: Healing the Pain of Abortion by Dr. Theresa Burke
  • Medical Abortions: New Emotional and Psychological Landscape by Dr. Theresa Burke
  • The Vagus Nerve: Putting Theory into Practice by Dr. Theresa Burke
  • Tears of the Fisherman: Understanding Men and Abortion Loss by Kevin Burke
  • Biblical Basis of Rachel’s Vineyard by Frank Pavone
  • Healing in Culture of Rage by Dr. Theresa Burke
  • Validation Facilitation by Dr. Theresa Burke
  • Sleep Deprivation by Dr. Theresa Burke
  • Pastoral & Clinical Methods of Healing by Dr. Theresa Burke
  • Approaching the Neuro-Science of Healing Trauma in the Awe of God’s Wisdom and Creation by Nancy Blume
  • Military and Abortion by Jody Duffy
  • Reflections by Msgr. Mike Mannion, Parts 1, 2, and 3

 If you have any questions, please contact us at Conference2022@LivingScriptureInstitute.org or at 610-354-0555.

“Leading with Light,” is a collaboration of Rachel’s Vineyard, Priests for Life, Grief to Grace, Duty to Heal, and the Living Scripture Institute, which serves as the training arm for Grief to Grace and Duty to Heal.

Rachel’s Vineyard 2022 Leadership Conference Registration

Prayer for the Leadership Conference

Lord God, Who love the people You have created,
You pour Your Spirit on them,
calling and equipping them to be
light in a world of darkness
and healing in a world of pain.

We thank You for the courageous men and women
throughout the world
who have heeded Your call
with compassionate hearts,
and have ministered to those in need
through Rachel’s Vineyard, Grief to Grace, and Duty to Heal,
helping to restore hope and confidence.
Bring Your Healing Light to burdened souls,
and create paths of forgiveness and peace.

Lord, bless those who will be participating
in our Leadership Conference.
Protect their time of learning,
of acquiring new skills and understanding,
and of drawing closer to You.

Make their work a clear sign to the world
that Your Healing Spirit is more powerful
than any darkness we may encounter,
and Your joy and peace far greater
than any spirit the world has to offer.

We ask this in the Name of Jesus, the Lord. AMEN.

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